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Phoenix Metro Area Second in Nation to Have Full Fleet of Carbon Neutral Taxis, Clean Air Cab First in Arizona

Mesa, Ariz., October 20, 2009 - Clean Air Cab, Arizona’s most environmentally friendly taxicab service, today announced the launch of the very first carbon neutral taxicab service in the state of Arizona. While a Washington D.C. taxicab service was the first in the Nation to have an all green taxi fleet last year, Arizona’s Clean Air Cab is the first all green fleet in Arizona and the Southwest, and will be serving the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area.

While many consumers expect to pay more for green alternatives that benefit the planet, Clean Air Cab rates are slightly less than their competitors.

According to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, “Phoenix is committed to becoming the first carbon neutral city in the nation. “We have been leaders on sustainability issues for decades and value responsible investments like this one to help us be the best stewards we can be.”

The fleet is composed of 100 percent hybrid vehicles.  The Ford Crown Victoria’s traditionally used by cab companies releases approximately 160% more emissions than the hybrid vehicles used by Clean Air Cab. Clean Air Cab purchases carbon credits to offset their emissions, then goes the extra mile in pursuit of a negative carbon footprint by subsidizing the planting of trees in Brazil rain forests. There is no other cab service in the state that is fully carbon neutral or negative. The company intends to plant 10 trees each month for every cab in service, and has already planted 260 for the month of October.   

“We believe that going green isn’t something you do – it is something you are,” said Steve Lopez, Founder of Clean Air Cab. “Our intention is to take the trendy out of ‘going green’ and deliver a product that allows consumers to be green just by participating.”

Clean Air Cab is opening their hybrid doors to the public on October 20th, 2009 with 26 cabs and plans to grow their fleet to 200+ cabs. It is estimated that a fleet of 26 traditional taxis would produce approximately 1800 tons of greenhouse gases per year. Clean Air Cab’s fleet of 26 taxis will not produce any [tons of greenhouse gas].

Consumers can book a Clean Air Cab taxi online at or by calling 480.777.9777. Service is offered Valley-wide.

What does it mean to be “carbon neutral” and “carbon negative?”

According to Wikipedia, being carbon neutral refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset. Many companies and individuals purchase carbon offsets to diminish their own greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, electricity use, and other sources. With the current trend for companies to become carbon neutral, there is now an emerging trend for some organizations to go beyond this in their sustainability efforts and become carbon negative by offsetting more than 100% of their carbon emissions.

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